Chairperson Message

Dear Alumni,

I am excited to be writing to you as Alumni Chairperson of Army Institute of Management & Technology, Greater Noida. The day you got your degree and walked in the big world beyond these campus walls, you were carrying the fortunes of the Institute. Every time you made your superiors, peers, your organizations sit up and take notice, you were, incrementally and splendidly, adding to the brand called AIMT. It is wonderful to see AIMT through you, ours is a bond of lifetime. Today, our students and scholars cover the globe in their search for knowledge and meaning, and their contributions make a difference everywhere. As Alumni who truly love and faithfully support this great Institution, I know you share my pride in what we are doing and where we plan to go. The campus may have let you go, but we expect you to come back and inspire the students, raise the bar and expand the notion of possible. To realize these objectives, institute has initiated Alumni Association, the primary communication link between you and the institute. My primary objective as  Alumni Chairperson, AIMT is to increase the ways in which we interact and build closer relationships with our Alumni. We recognize, acknowledge, and embrace our Alumni as vital stakeholders in the developments of the Institute and take it to even greater heights. Let us, by staying connected participate in and support the programs, services, and numerous campus events and activities. We also encourage each Alumnus to be a brand ambassador of his/her domain, by assisting with the recruitment of students by supporting programs by investing your time, talent and treasure.


Stay connected and join hands with AIMT in creating a better tomorrow.

Ms. Arshiya Ismail

Alumni Chairperson